Rimage Disc Publishing Systems

For nearly two decades INCOM drives the professional CD, DVD and Blu ray production systems out of Rimage. Our sales representatives advise you in the selection of the suitable system, up to the integration into your IT environment.

With our trained service technicians we offer support, rapid exchange and on-site or repair service for all Rimage systems in our own workshop.

Rimage RX400 MedX

The RX400 MedX system from Rimage is a compact USB solution for securing patient medical data. At the touch of a button, diagnoses are written read-only to the USB stick and when the media is removed from the unit, a unique patient label is created via the integrated printer. The data is only available for reading outside the system and, thanks to WORM technology, can only be supplemented with further information or edited via an RX400 MedX. This approach increases data security and protection against threats such as viruses and malware.

News: Rimage RX400 MedX the fast, simple and safe medical USB solution

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Rimage Producer V 8300N

The Rimage Producer V 8300N is Rimage's latest and most powerful, or rather, largest system. The Producer V systems are equipped with a robust industrial robotics and 4 (optional DVD or Blu-ray) recorders, a large master in a medicine carousel with 4 100 bays and optionally the new high-resolution Everest Encore or Prism III printer. The Catalyst is equipped with an overpressure ventilation system, which allows the devices to be used in dusty factory environments.

The Producer V 8300N model has a built-in control PC, but can also be supplied as a USB3 system.

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Rimage Catalyst 6000N

The Rimage Catalyst is the perfect symbiosis between the reliability of the Producer and the compactness of the Professional systems. With two recorders and a 3 media carousel as input, the system is available with the Everest 600 high-resolution Everest 600 as well as with the Prism III printer, which is inexpensive in consumables.

The Catalyst 6000 is optionally available with an integrated PC or USB 3 connection for an external computer.

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Rimage Professional 2410 / 3410

The Professional systems are images compact answer to office environments. With a smaller template, the more compact Everest 400 printer and only 2 recorders, a much smaller footprint was achieved. With the completely closed design and the optional external media output tray, the system fits perfectly into the front office area.

The Rimage 3410 connects to a computer via USB 3. For the medical sector the system is also available as Rimage 2410.

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Rimage Allegro

The Allegro is the entry-level system for disc publishing. With small 50 or 100 templates, small series or individual disc productions can be initiated fully automatically locally on the computer or via interfaces from the network. With the integrated inkjet printer, the media are printed in full-surface and high-resolution color after being written in the recorders.

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With the MAESTRO, Rimage offers the first system for writing and printing on USB sticks. With the Rimage Software Suite, the system can now also be used to produce individually written and printed USB data media, which was previously only possible with optical media. With the usual print quality of the Rimage Everest EncorCP printers, the media are printed directly in a water- and scratch-resistant thermal transfer process.

As a standalone system with Windows operating system, the Rimage MAESTRO, like all Rimage systems, can be integrated directly into the network and can also be controlled directly from third-party applications.

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INCOM has been working with the American manufacturer Rimage for more than 20 years when it comes to CD/DVD or Blu-ray on demand productions. The professional high-end producers with thermal transfer printers are suitable for reliable 24/7 production and can be found in many industrial applications where process data has to be written away or offline archiving of large amounts of data is necessary. With flexible API tools, the systems can be used extremely versatile, for example for reading optical data media in forensics.

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